“I bought this pool with my friend who was due a few months before me. In the event we weren’t able to use the pool for the birth but it was great afterwards. It’s easy to inflate and only takes about 20 minutes to fill. It’s quite deep so there is little chance of splashing. The pool isn’t big enough to lie down in but this isn’t really a good position for labour anyway and there is lots of room to sit, kneel or squat. The pictures on the website show someone standing on the edge of the pool but I didn’t find it that rigid, maybe it needed to be inflated a bit more. The pool has an inflatable base which means that it is really comfortable to sit on particularly afterwards. It is quite hard work to empty and I would recommend buying or hiring an electric pump to go with it. The only other problem is that the pool is quite a dark blue which made the blood loss look much more in dim light but a quick look with the adjustable lamp sorted that out.” Babyworld Product Reviews

“Perfect pool for home birth – I really wanted a pool for my home birth as I’d so enjoyed being in water during the birth of my first son in hospital. My husband did a trial run a few days before so that we both felt comfortable with the equipment but it’s not at all hard to use. When I actually went into labour, inflating and filling the pool and checking its temperature really gave my husband something useful to do so that he didn’t feel such a spare part! It only took a few minutes to inflate with an electric pump and about 20 minutes to fill with water. (Our hot water tank isn’t very big so he filled the pool until the HW ran out, and then adjusted the temperature with a kettle just before I got in.) Its oval shape meant it fitted snugly in our small kitchen and it felt the perfect sanctuary during the active phase of labour. I spent most of my contractions kneeling up in the water with my arms resting on or over the sides which felt supportive and reassuringly strong. In between contractions I would rest back in the deep water sitting on the comfortable inflated bottom. La Bassine is far more sturdy than its competitors and there was no leaking or slopping out the sides. The midwives were really impressed with its design and afterwards asked for details. Really hope I get to use it again during the birth of number 3!” Babyworld Product Reviews

“A must for your home birth! The La Bassine pool was brilliant for my home birth and there is no way I could have managed without it. The gas and air ran out for my actual delivery so the only pain relief i had was the water, it really made a big difference.the pool inflates with the optional electric pump in a matter of minutes, id definitely recommend getting the optional kit as we wouldn’t want to make much work for the men would we! The bottom of the pool inflates too it was so comfortable i almost forgot the reason I was in there!The portable gas and air dispenser thing balances perfectly on the side of the pool which was very useful. you can put your weight onto the side of the pool and feel confident it will support you.Even the midwives were surprised at how long the pool kept its temperature, in the 3hrs it was up we only had to top up for the actual delivery as the temp has to be 37 degrees.” Babyworld Product Reviews

“My MW had a La Bassine that we used for our homebirth back in May. I loved it, it was very comfy and it was even roomy enough for DH to hop into to help physically support me while I pushed. It kept its heat very well — we filled it up around 10am and DS was born at 1pm and the water was still nice and warm. If you’re worried about heat loss, you can always throw a heavy blanket over it.” Review from Mothering.com

“I used the La Bassine for my homebirth, and loved it. My midwife uses them also, but we bought our own. My sister in law used it for her birth as well. We have also used it for our kids to swim in. It has been inflated, moved, deflated and abused and has held up great. I have heard that the seat in the BPIAB is worthless and just gets in the way from a doula friend of mine. It just seems that it wouldn’t be worth the extra money in anyway, seems like you could get along just fine with the La Bassine.” Review from Mothering.com

“I borrowed a La Bassine from my midwife and it was awesome. The sides and bottom were nice and soft but firm and it was plenty big enough for me to move about freely but it wasn’t a gigantic pool taking up all the space in my living room either.” Review from Mothering.com

“I have attended several homebirths using la Bassine and carry one when I attend births to offer women the opportunity to use water in their labour (I have set up the pool in all sorts of circumstances). It truly is a very useful tool for a natural and positive birth, it���s practical, great value for money and every woman should have one!” Catrin, Doula

“Women in labour are often drawn to water for its gentle calming effect. La Bassine provides a sanctuary for the birthing woman, a space where she’s in charge of her birthing body and where she’s able to offer her baby a gentle entrance to the world.” Becky, Doula

“The pool I had last time was daunting. It felt clinical and far less private than yours. I am really looking forward to getting in to it this time. I would also like to thank you for the little information sheet supplied. I really appreciated the way it was written, your tone was so comforting it made me cry. I felt I had nothing to live up to, nothing to achieve. The manner of some of the other information I had last time made me feel as though I would be a failure if things did not go according to plan. So once again I would like to say thanks and it is not hyperbole.” Helen 12/01/2006

“Thankfully on the 27 November 2005 at home, our daughter Charlotte Jane was born weighing 7lb 2oz. She is our first child and without a Made in Water pool she wouldn’t have been born at home. We keep saying it’s the best £90 we could’ve ever spent. My contractions started at 0150 and at 5am I was 4cm dilated. I was allowed in the pool at about 0630 and there I stayed. I did have to get out a couple of times for examinations but if timed OK they weren’t too bad being on dry land. The pool was my sanctuary and that was what I needed. I felt warm, safe and in control which was how I wanted it. Unfortunately I was unable to give birth to Charlotte in the pool as she got distressed at the last minute so I had to get out to have an episiotomy. However, this didn’t put any stress on me because I was so relaxed. I’m so glad I found your website.” Rachel, Swindon 06/01/2006

“The Made in Water pool was lovely to get into after hours of contractions using the tens machine for relief. I enjoyed being in the pool and it made me feel incredibly relaxed and safe. We were very impressed with the heat retention of the pool. We made a cover for the pool, based on survival blankets and bubble-pack, and with this, the water kept warm for hours and hours. In fact, when we came to empty the pool a couple of days later, the water was still warm! We would not hesitate to recommend the pool to others, and what’s more our other children are now looking forward to using the pool in the summer.” Cassy, 06/01/2006

“I have to say, I was originally planning to purchase a pool from a different company but they refused the sale on the grounds that I was too tall to get the full benefit of using their product. They would only recommend their inflatable pool for women of 5’ 9” or shorter. I am 5’11”. But they would hire me a pool with the same depth and it would cost me a lot more money. I decided to search for a recommended water depth for a water birth but found nothing of use except your web site. The pool I purchased from you is also the depth. Despite the fact that this was my first baby, I found the birth to be an amazing experience. Right from the start I had been hoping for a home water birth, mainly because I didn���t want any intervention and for it to be as natural as possible. I was very lucky, from waking with stomach ache at 3.45am, it took only 7 and a half hours until I was holding my son. The only pain relief I used was a tens machine prior to entering the pool and only used gas and air for 3 contractions once in the water. The pool was the perfect size. Its compact but with plenty of room to move around and the inflatable base made it very comfortable even on a hard floor. The sides were surprisingly sturdy, even with 2 midwives and 1 husband leaning on 1 side there was no loss of water. We have been very pleased with both the pool and the service you have provided. I ordered the pool on a Friday afternoon and received it on Monday and was impressed with the size and quality of the pool. I will definitely use it again if the opportunity arises.” Rachel

From Midwives

“Larger pool… not a fan. Most midwives and hospital care providers almost always come to the conclusion that bigger pools are simply too big. Mom sits to deep in the water which means midwife is “swimming” to check cervical dilation and mom can’t breast feed after birth without a boost – lift off of the bottom of the pool. Also larger pools are hard on hot water tanks – a bigger challenge to have enough hot water for the pool and other house hold needs at the same time. I personally love the size of La Bassine. I strongly discourage dad from being in the pool with mom. She tends to move less and dad ends up 90% of the time behind mom, sitting on the floor of the pool with her in front of him. Not a good position for her to birth in – she needs to be off her bottom. And dad can’t participate or see the birth. Also when dad is in the pool he is confined in his experience and being able to better assist mom.” Debra, Midwife USA

“Many Congratulations, you have made my day!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to find that at last someone has taken the initiative to develop a bespoke, simple portable pool for labour/birth. I will no longer have to drive my husband up the wall every summer while I examine the latest children’s paddling pools to see if I can find something suitable! The idea of the oval shape and the upright chambers is brilliant. Well done. Everyday in my professional life I meet women who are looking for this kind of product for their home births. All the very best with this venture, you deserve every success.” Jane – Consultant Midwife Homerton University Hospital NHS

“I am so impressed with the pool, which we had inflated in our lounge this weekend. It is so much better than the ‘others’. I think it will sell very easily. Thanks very much. Very quick service” Jayn, Your Doula

“I highly recommend that if you are looking to purchase a pool for birth, you will find the made in water pool to be strongly constructed and economical.” Sonia, Midwife

“This pool is sturdy, solid and durable. I was very surprised at how well it was made. Since I first started my midwifery practice three years ago, I have always requested that families pick up the basic three ring kiddie pool and most times have found that when a mother is labouring it doesn’t stand up as needed from the weight of the birthing mother. Many times we are cleaning up water that is flowing over the sides as a mom leans over it. As well it seems to take a long time to fill up each ring individually. I can confidently say that this pool will not do that. Its thick PVC material is very strong and supports women in birth unbelievably. What most moms seem to be raving about are the two handles, one on each side which help them move into place safely and provide the resistance sometimes needed when pushing. There is no doubt that this pool was well thought out and constructed with care. The oval size and dimension are quite nice for the mom allowing her room to stretch out and move freely as desired as well as provide plenty of space for the midwives to receive the babies. I love the shape it is almost cocoon like allowing the woman to feel safe and secure.”