2018 Top Pre and Post Birth Products

Many women often discover that preparing for labour can be an expensive time, which can put off some mothers-to-be from buying quality tools and accessories that can help ease their general discomfort.

But, what is good to remember is that many necessary labour products can be used after the baby is born too, making the investment all the more worthwhile. Here are some pre-birth products that can also be used well after baby is born.

Belly wraps

Belly bands and wraps are fantastic pregnancy products that offer added comfort and stability while pregnant. The bands wrap around your bump allowing for a wider support base and relieving the pressure on your back and hips.

While most women use them from the second trimester onwards, it can also be put to good use post-pregnancy too.  The wrap gently applies pressure to the abdomen and uterus for added comfort whilst you experience after birth contractions.

Tens Machine

A Tens Machine is an electrical device that offers a form of pain relief by sending small, safe pulses of electrical current to the pads placed on your skin. Many women choose to use a Tens Machine during the early stages of labour, but can also be used from 37 weeks of pregnancy for back pain and then for general pain relief following labour.

Some hospitals do have Tens Machines, but you can also hire or purchase them for your own use before and after labour.

Helpful Apps

There’s an app for everything in today’s world and pregnancy is no exception. Apps are helpful tools to use both pre and post pregnancy.  From tracking your baby’s development, to contraction timers, appointment logs, and daily pregnancy info, everything you need to feel ready and organised can be found on your phone.

Birthing balls

A birthing ball is an excellent tool to help you through the pains of labour. Not only can a it help reduce back pain, but it is also known to help ease labour pains and reduce the pain of contractions. Performing gentle and smooth circles whilst sat on the ball can also help you move your baby into the right position for an easier birth.

After labour, birthing balls can be used in much the same way as exercise balls. Post-natal exercises can help get your body back to pre-pregnancy form.

Birthing pillows

A birthing pillow, such as the Lulla Luna Body Pillow, provides complete support during pregnancy and labour. Filled with spelt husks, the pillow enables you to move freely as you sleep, helping you to find comfortable positions and relieves tension and backache. Its unique shape cradles the body to help ease discomfort.

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