A Guide to a Calm Home Delivery Birth

More and more women throughout the UK are frequently opting for home births. Choosing to birth at home has many benefits including lower rates of intervention, a more personalised support system and the added comfort of being in familiar, relaxing surroundings. 

Many women realise the importance of delivering their baby into a peaceful atmosphere, and that’s why they choose to labour in a birthing tub in their own home. If you’re thinking of having a home birth, here is a midwife’s guide to calm home delivery.

  1. Get to know your midwives during the early stages of pregnancy. Your midwife will be with you every step of the way so you’ll want to build your trust with them from early on. Remember there is no guarantee that they will be available to you during labour, so you may wish to contact a doula who can provide emotional and practical support.
  1. Think about who you may want to be present during the birth. If there are multiple people, make sure they all have a role to play, whether that’s who’s checking the temperature of the birthing tub or who’s looking after the children elsewhere in the house. If everyone knows what they should be doing and when, you’ll have fewer distractions, and more time to focus on you and the baby.
  1. Prepare the birth environment well in advance. Decide where in your home you want to give birth and write a checklist. Think about where you are going to keep your equipment, such as towels and pillows, whether you’d like candles or music for relaxation, and how far in advance you will prepare the birthing tub.
  1. Do your research and have a practice run. It may seem silly, but trialling your labour can help you feel relaxed when the time comes. Fill the birth pool and float around in the water to see how it feels. This will help you decide what clothes you might feel most comfortable in, and make you aware of how often you may have to adjust the temperature. Practice natural pain relief techniques, too.
  1. Keep an open mind. Accept that despite your best efforts and of those supporting you, things don’t always go to plan. Try to trust that those around you are there to guide you through.

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