The top 5 most essential products for an expecting mum

Birth Pool

Before you say anything about not wanting to give birth in water, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Birthing Pools also offer a great way to relax in your own home, especially in the late stages of pregnancy. These amazing things can offer pain relief, relax your muscles, and literally take the weight off of your shoulders (and back). Imagine being able to have a luxurious bath again, but now you have much more room to move around.

Of course if you do decide to give birth using a Birth Pool then ensure you are adequately prepared for it.

Birthing Balls

A birthing ball also comes in very handy during the latter stages of pregnancy, and it basically a replacement for a chair when you’re stuck at home with an aching back. It provides more support your lower back, and is much easier to get off of than regular chair. Sitting on one of these also exercises you too by working work stomach and back muscles as you rock to and fro, and what expecting mum would say no to some stronger muscles? Different sizes are available.

Birthing Book

The perfect thing to read while you’re rolling around on your Birthing Ball. There are obviously a range of books covering everything from breastfeeding to labour itself, but it is very beneficial to keep a paper copy handy which you can read in silence without the noise whirring fans from computers, or noisy phones.

Maternity Pillows

These things odd shaped things are the perfect companion for getting a good night’s sleep. They are mostly known for allowing you to sleep on your side, which is normally quite dangerous, but has been proven to increase blood flow to the placenta.

TENS Machines

Anyone who has suffered severe back pain or other muscular problems has probably heard of these, but they can also be used during pregnancy. Don’t worry it won’t electrocute the baby.

These machines are a great source of pain relief, and are an effective alternative to using drugs and medical interventions during labour. Each channel on the machine has its own intensity dial, both the Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable too, which puts you in absolute control.

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