Top Pregnancy Accessories in 2018

As an expectant mother, you’ve likely got all the necessary essentials packed and prepped ready for your baby’s delivery. But why not invest in a few extra accessories to help support you and make pregnancy life a little easier. From birthing pool accessories to helpful apps, here are our top pregnancy must-haves for 2018.

Apps to make pregnancy easier

We’re in the 21st century where there’s an app for everything these days and pregnancy is no exception.  From diary apps to contraction timers and everything in between, apps can make your pregnancy run a lot smoother. You can even find breastfeeding apps that will help you keep track of feeding and understand the changes to both your body and baby. What’s not to love!

Pregnancy support supplies

While pregnant, your body is constantly changing and adapting to your growing bump, which can put a great deal of strain on your body. Whether you need a little extra back support or you’re finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, then there are a range of great new products that can help.

Belly bands are a fantastic pregnancy accessory that offer a wider support base for your bump, relieving the pressure on your back and hips. It is used for support from the second trimester, but it can be used post-pregnancy too, to help you back to pre-pregnancy form.

Nursing bras for all occasions

Through all the changes, finding one bra that works for all occasions can be tricky. But the good news is that there is a whole range of nursing bras available to offer the right support just when you need it most. To get you started, find a stretchy, cotton-blend bra for sleeping, an adjustable one for when your body is still adapting, a double-cup bra for when you don’t want to show off much skin, and a supportive sports bra for when you’re ready to get your pre-baby body back.

Birthing tubs and accessories

Birthing pools have long been used to aid labour. But 2018 has seen a rise in the trend for natural, home births and that’s where a birthing pool becomes a woman’s top pregnancy accessory.

La Bassine Birthing Pool

Expectant mothers find they have more privacy, feel less pain and are better able to relax and focus on the birth while submersed in warm water.  Water births are also proven to reduce stress and lessen the need for pain relievers. Women feel comfort in knowing they can position themselves how they like, while the warm water eases pressure and soothes.

But all good tubs need birth pool accessories to ensure preparing your birthing environment runs smoothly. If you are planning a home birth, you may also wish to acquire a heat retaining pool cover, a bath thermometer, protective waterproof sheets and absorbent disposable pads.

Find your favourite pregnancy accessories with Made In Water

At Made In Water we understand the world of water birth and the importance of a woman’s well-being during labour and pregnancy. Shop our range of quality birthing products, pools and accessories to help you feel ready to deliver your baby.

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