Why are Home Births so Popular?

After a staggering 44% surge in enquiries about home birth in 2017, giving birth at home is rapidly becoming a popular choice for women in the UK.  It would seem a third of women would prefer to give birth at home if they can, according to a report by Private Midwives. So why are so many women interested in home births? Here are just some of the reasons more and more women are opting to give birth at home.

A calm, familiar setting—When giving birth we want to feel as calm and relaxed as possible. Many women find travelling to the maternity ward or labouring in a hospital bed under the bright lights can increase stress and disrupt the labour.  When birthing at home you can have your home supplies prepared months in advance, so that when it comes to it you’re feeling relaxed in an environment you are familiar with.

Freedom to labour your way—While in the comfort of your own home, you are free to labour the way you feel is best. ‘Active birth’, such as moving around when you want to and giving birth in a physiologically advantageous position, is a lot easier at home, compared to being in the confines of an unfamiliar labour ward.

Continuity of care— If you are planning a home birth you are likely to be supported by the same midwife throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. Once you go into labour, the midwife you’ve got to know and trust will be there to see you through it.

Share the experience—most delivery wards will have a limit on the number of people who can be present during the labour.  When birthing at home you can decide who is there to support you. Some women wish to have their parents there as well as their partner; others may want their existing children present to welcome their new sibling.

Lower rates of intervention—There are a number of interventions that can happen in a maternity ward.  These interventions can include mediations to reduce pain or strengthen contractions, breaking a woman’s water and Caesarean sections. Although there might be a need for medical intervention during home births, there is a far lower rate.  For birthing at home the emphasis is placed on a more natural approach and the mother’s wishes.

Recovery in your own bed—After having a successful home birth you can quickly be in the comfort of your own bed starting the recovery process.

Feel prepared at home with a birthing pool

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